Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I always appreciated youtube, but today, suddenly, I'm loving it.

I was editing yet another episode synopsis of Kumkum. Thought of Juhi Parmar and then remembered Shaheen. It was Juhi's second serial (first one came 3 days before, if I remember right). I had written dialogues; screenplay & direction was by my husband. It was his first directorial venture, and last for TV.

So there was this sudden nostalgia trip and I googled for "Juhi Parmar Shaeen". And surprise of surprises!! I got this...

I had never imagined anyone would put this video on YouTube. Passed it on to hubby, who is equally excited. After all, Shaheen was our first baby! Now he has graduated to films and I have moved on to a completely different profile, but the video is precious to us both.

Thanks YouTube.


abhaya said...

Hi Shruti,

The website linked in the post seems to have been hacked. Thought will bring to your notice.


ShrutiWrites said...

Thanks Abhaya, and thanks for visiting.
Dunno why the hacker chose the site! :(