Thursday, March 12, 2009

Quote of the Day

An inspiring quote always makes the day, but then there are some quotes that completely stump you with their stupidity. Like this one from the 'renowned' Bollywood 'actor', Shakti Kapoor.

While everyone is opening up to live-in relations and everyone is giving their own reasons on this 'sensitive' (at least in India) issue of marriage Vs. live-in, in comes the great Shakti Kapoor with his pearls of wisdom, "
I don’t believe in arranged marriages. It’s like a dish. You have to try it first. You are expected to taste wine from a bottle in a restaurant. If you like it, it is fine, but they change it if you don’t like it."

And then, to clarify his stand and to prove that he is all 'serious', he adds, "I'm not telling you to taste each other, I’m saying you need to get to know each other."!!!!

Watch it to believe it!


Anonymous said...

Oh come on, give him some slack. What we do without such pearls of wisdom from :D

ShrutiWrites said...

Oh yeah, right!! :)