Monday, August 24, 2009

Worldwide Moment - Simultaneous Photo Shoot for Peace

This is called irony! My camera (nothing fancy; just your very regular Nicon Coolpix) has conked off and here I am, finding one photography event after another. Time to buy a real good camera? But where is the money, honey!

Anyways, here is something I would love to be a part of. So many people clicking for a single aim, at a single moment, across the world!

On 9th September, at 09:09 (+9 GMT) people will be taking photographs for world peace and international collaboration. As I write this post the website announces participation of 850 people from 67 countries. There are still fifteen days left for the event and I'm sure numbers are going to shoot up as the word spreads.

In India, the 'Moment' will be on 9th September at 5:49 AM; a little tricky time for a sleep loving soul like me. But you know what; they are offering to give you a camera if you don't have one but want to be a part of the moment! I'm going to give it a try NOW. Will keep you all posted.

Meanwhile, here are the details.

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