Thursday, March 22, 2012

World Water Day 2012

I just realized what day it is today! It's World Water Day! A day dedicated to one of the most precious things in the world--water!

It's a day to remind us that we are lucky to have that running all the day--there are millions around the world who live their lives by the bucket... literally. They walk miles to fetch that pail of water. Many others stand in long queues every morning and fight for that bucket of water before the tap runs dry for the day. And what do they get after all this toil?

"The pond water I was forced to get water from was very dirty and had a bad smell. Due to my distant walks to collect water, sometimes I was late to work. My daughters and I would also suffer from diarrhea, jaundice, dysentery and skin diseases because of the dirty pond water. We are able to get safe water much more quickly and we don't have waterborne diseases anymore!" So says Banu, a Bangladeshi mother of two daughters. (Read more of this story here.)

So do count it as a blessing that you have enough clean water to keep that tap running while brushing your teeth or to take a nice long shower. You are definitely the lucky one!

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