Thursday, March 7, 2013

Vote for Regina Zoneziwoh

Cameroonian activist Regina Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo defines herself as “a writer, social networker, digital storyteller, gender professional, and citizen journalist.”
Her work covers issues on young people’s sexuality and sexual rights, personal development, and violence in their communities. She has also produced documentaries on women in post-conflict Cameroon, and of tea-workers leading the flight for social justice.
Zoneziwoh is the founder of Women for A Change (WFAC) Buea,  Safe World Field Partner in Cameroon.
Help Zoneziwoh win $1000 to support a project to tell the stories of grassroots women leaders involved in community mobilization, HIV/AIDs, peace building, social justice, and human rights advocacy in Cameroon.

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 Content source: Vote for Regina Zoneziwoh

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