Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Arab-Israel Peace - There is Hope

Do a Google search for Jayyous and you will find all about this Palestinian village. It's one of those villages which is now divided by a wall built by the Israeli government.

While Israel calls this a 'security wall', the International Court of Justice has declared it illegal years ago

Google will also tell you how the people of Jayyous are suffering, how the land is suffering. 

According to the website of Jayyous Charity Society 83k olive trees were chopped down apart from thousands of others to make way for this gigantic wall.  

The farmers of this Palestinian village have limited resources now. Very few people can visit the village, that too, during certain hour and on permit. 

Amidst all this darkness, however, there is a glimmer of hope... a glimmer of peace. There are many dedicated groups of Israelis who are working towards. They are gladly extending helping hands to their Palestinian counterparts.

Irit, one of the lovely ladies I met at my virtual office of WFAC, is one such Israeli. She has been involved in all things peace. And she has also been to Jayyous, to help the olive farmers of this village during harvest season. And she was not alone; there were 80 of them, who visited the village. 

Irit says, the farmer whom she helped, told her,"you are the handkerchief for our tears."No compliment can be more fulfilling.

And to read more about  Arab-Israel peace check out this link.

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IRIT said...

darling Shruti,
many thanks for the post. wow! that was a wonderful surprise..