Friday, October 22, 2010

Diwali Greeting Cards And The Days Gone By

Today I suddenly remembered the days when we used to send paper Diwali Greeting Cards to everyone. It suddenly seems like those were distant ages! And it wasn't more than, maybe, ten years ago!

It was a whole process, sending those cards to send all your near & dear (and far & not-so-dear) ones "Season's Greetings" and "Wishes For a Happy And Prosperous Diwali", or simply "Shubh Deepavali"!

It began with a trip to the book shop, which was a simple process. But it would suddenly grow complicated when we would be standing in front of that aisle of table showcasing all those Diwali cards from - BNHS, WWF (NOPE, NOT the wrestling thing) Help Age, CRY any many other such organization. I usually ended up buying 2-3 of each!

Then came the most painful part of it all. Writing messages on all the cards, writing addresses on the envelops, making sure that each card goes in the write envelop and then sticking the stamps on them all. Remember, cards were sent to many people - parents and brother topped the chart of course, then all the aunts, uncles, cousins, school friends, college friends, pen friends and then some important ex-colleagues. By the time this whole process was over, the enthusiasm would have waned considerably.

We thanked the internet when it came and we could send e-cards... at least to some people from that huge list. Then life caught us over, the list began thinning. Telephone calls became cheap, mobile phones came and those paper greeting cards disappeared from our lives.

And today, suddenly, they appeared in my memories... out of nowhere. And then curiosity took over, so I did some googling and found the I can buy my paper Diwali greeting cards online, at least I found two of my favourite organisations selling them online - BNHS and CRY. Sadly I couldn't fine WWF India's online store. It would be great if some one could locate it for me. Also, if you know of any organisations that sell Diwali greeting cards online, please add the link.

Meanwhile, here are some great Diwali reads that you can check out.

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