Thursday, October 7, 2010

Domestic Violence and Safe World For Women

It was almost a year back when we at WFAC, started our journey with A Safe World for Women - a campaign aimed towards making the UN and the nations across the world sit up and realize that NOW is the time to take their women seriously... NOW is the time to show responsibility towards women and children and NOW is the time for the world to come together and demand strong action, not just empty words.

The reason we felt the time was NOW is that the year 2011 is fast approaching... it's the year that marks completion of 100 years of ’s movement. The very first International Women's Day was celebrated 100 years ago.

The time is now almost on us. And looking back, I am proud of our wonderful team, which has done so much of work in such a short time. Though most of the time they have been busy with the campaign to free the Three Hikers - Sarah Shourd (who is, finally free), Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal - they have still managed to do a whole lot more. Considering that it's a tiny team of four!

Domestic Violence is something that the whose team is greatly passionate about (among many other things). So research has been going on and a lot of info is now available on the website. What is startling is that DV is not just prevalent in under-developed, poor countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, but even in the so-called 'developed world'.

You can read it all at SWW's page on Domestic Violence. Meanwhile, take a look at this video too...

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